The Convergence of Design, Business, Marketing & Innovation = Results
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Who We Are

A Collective Source.

Spark is a unique collective of design thinkers, story tellers and creative problem solvers. Today’s businesses require holistic, multidisciplinary solutions – and we believe that the best ideas are born out of true collaboration.

What we do.

Is it brand? Marketing? Design? Business Innovation?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. We are engaged in all of this – and more. In our heart of hearts we’re designers – so we design. We design images, ideas, experiences, stories, objects, strategies, etc…

We are Design Thinkers with the essential ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to solve problems for our clients. That informs a brand, influences a marketing campaign…. and leads to innovation that drives revenue and retention.

Creativity fuels innovation.

We live at the convergence of business, technology, design, culture, and life. It’s a place where new things emerge.

Emergence is the way beautiful, complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. Emergent systems are dynamic, coherent, self-organizing and radically novel.