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A brand is not a logo, or a mark or a color palette, or typography or a tagline… It’s everything a person thinks, and feels, when he or she experiences the brand.

Design is problem solving. Good design cuts through the noise and visual clutter of thousands upon thousands of messages a day.

Marketing is about connecting the brand with the audience – marketing gets the brand seen and heard, and motivates
a response.

Learning – In a knowledge economy where things move at the speed of blink, learning takes its deserved position center stage. Knowledge and skill acquisition has to happen fast – and keep on happening – for a business to be competitive.

Research at Spark comes in all flavors. Executive interviews, perception studies, competitive assessments, social media listening, user studies and focus panels. Whatever the methodology, our goal is to use research to guide strategic decisions that help you plan for the future.

Web/Technology is a natural extension of our design work. We use it to build a brand, add interactivity, provide useful tools and enable business growth. We approach technology as the means to an end. (I mean, we adore iPhones not just because they are really, really cool, but for they enable us to do.)

Social Media has become a must for any business seeking to secure a place in both the traditional and digital marketplace. What could once be accomplished by a traditional website now needs to be supplemented by a robust and responsive utilization of the tools social media offers. We take the digital methods and connect the dots to communicate your business effectively to gain trust within social communities.

Product Design – Go to the intersection of form, fit and function. There you will find our product design offerings. We believe that design significantly shapes the way we live and, like everything else we do, we approach product design from a ‘peoplecentric’ perspective

Storytelling – Are you engaged in effecting the behavior of other people in your organization? Want them to learn something they don’t know – do something a different way than they are doing it today – stop doing something they do now – adopt a different attitude about a process, a technique or a product?